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Celebrate the joys of daily life with Brightwater Senior Living. A great cup of coffee or a refreshing trip to the salon are some of the simplest everyday pleasures that mean the most to our residents. These are the moments that make us feel like we're at home. This is why we at Brightwater continue to build programs and amenities designed to help you live your life your way. We won’t ask you to change who you are to fit into our communities. Instead, we design spaces, services, and amenities which adapt to your life, your needs, and your choices.

We strive to provide the support and resources you need to live as you wish. For some, this means living as you always have. For others, living as you’ve always wanted. In order to create an atmosphere of rich, healthy living, we’ve worked to create beautifully designed, meticulously managed communities staffed by the highest caliber senior living professionals. From exceptional dining experiences to meaningful social activities and diverse healthcare services, Brightwater communities represent the utmost in thoughtful senior living.

Join us at Brightwater. We’ll help you stay you.

President   at Brightwater Senior Living in Bend, Oregon

Message From The President
What makes a Great Senior Community

On behalf of all of us at Brightwater Senior Living, thank you for choosing to be a part of our communities and welcome home.

Since 1996, it has been a privilege to be intimately involved in the design, development, and operations of senior living communities. From these years of travel and time spent in our senior living communities, arriving at the front doors has always made me feel like I am coming home. I find a good deal of enjoyment in being drawn into great conversations with residents which include some of their best stories from rich and adventurous lives.

As Brightwater Senior Living continues the legacy in providing beautifully designed and meticulously managed communities which include the highest quality in health support services, the most rewarding part of the journey will continue to be the friendships with both staff and residents that have been created along the way. And from these friendships creative ideas have been shared providing the inspiration for today’s Brightwater Senior Living brand.


I am thrilled with the welcoming interior design of the Brightwater communities where catching up with friends and family has never been easier or more inviting with warm tones, well-appointed seating, and comfortable gathering spaces incorporated throughout the community. And then there’s the food. I think it's true that good food and good company make for a great life. Our community management teams work hand in hand with our community Executive Chefs in planning and creating healthy and tasty cuisine. Brightwater takes pride in preparing delicious meals from scratch daily, and I look forward to dining with residents and guests every chance I get.

I find that I also enjoy working beside our community staff. Over the years I have found a tremendous respect and admiration for the jobs they do in our communities. In my office, I have photos of many of these staff members who very much love their jobs and the residents they serve. My photos remind me of the positive impacts these efforts have on our residents and their families. I am always looking for another hero to add to my treasured collection of memories.

I am honored to have the opportunity and privilege of working and spending time in our senior living communities. It has been one of God’s greatest blessings to me. Thank you again for choosing to live, play, and share with us in a place to call home. I look forward to visiting with you on my next visit to your Brightwater Senior Living community.

Warm Regards,
Quintin King, President, Brightwater Senior Living

Core Values

  • Treat each individual with respect and dignity.
  • Create a safe, vibrant, and motivating work environment for our staff by providing accountability and reward for outstanding initiative relating to resident focused positive outcomes.
  • Provide innovative, reward-based staff training programs.
  • Nurture staff in the development of compassion and gracious service.
  • Create space where a sense of welcome, home, and belonging are apparent to our residents, staff, and residents’ family and friends.
  • Provide residents with quality nursing services in a stimulating and elegant environment.
  • Provide predictable and healthy financial returns to investors.
  • Provide meticulous management of our properties for the enjoyment of our residents, staff and guests.
  • Carefully manage operational expense to provide residents with the best possible value for their hard-earned dollar.
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Residents having coffee and cake  at Brightwater Senior Living in Bend, Oregon

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