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In every Brightwater community we celebrate the joys of daily life. A great cup of coffee or a refreshing trip to the salon are some of the simplest everyday pleasures that mean the most to our residents. These are the moments that make us feel like we are home. This is why we at Brightwater continue to build programs and amenities designed to help residents live life their way. We won’t ask them to change who they are to fit into our communities. Instead, we design spaces, services, and amenities which adapt to their life, their needs, and their choices.

We strive to provide the support and resources residents need to live as they wish. For some, this means living as they always have. For others, living as they have always wanted. In order to create an atmosphere of rich, healthy living, we’ve worked to create beautifully designed, meticulously managed communities staffed by the highest caliber senior living professionals. From exceptional dining experiences to meaningful social activities and diverse healthcare services, Brightwater communities represent the utmost in thoughtful senior living.

President   at Brightwater Senior Living in Bend, Oregon

Message From The President
The Future of Senior Community Management

At Brightwater we are committed to an approach of excellence and innovation that creates a meaningful and long-lasting impact on our residents, team members and business partners. We hold close the idea that our work matters so we dedicate ourselves to the constant drive for improvement in the lives of those that we are connected to.

The team is steadfast in our desire to make the right choices in how we grow so we never reach the point of just being OK providing what the industry says is adequate. It is creativity that is the heartbeat of our company, continually motivating us to not shy away from challenges knowing the payoff is paving the way to improved living and doing business.

Working at a Brightwater community is anything but ordinary. We celebrate diversity and actively seek to comprehend and uplift one another . Meaningful connections are paramount to us, and we spare no effort to ensure that every team member’s voice is heard. Rather than merely being in the senior living industry, we consider ourselves in the people business, prioritizing individuals above all else. This necessitates each team member to exhibit a high level of compassion and humility, contributing to our brand reputation and making us the desired workplace of choice.

Living at Brightwater is unlike any other place. It has never been about building and managing housing for seniors and has always been about creating a place that feels like home where residents are not just living but thriving. Whether it is our high-level health care, excellence in dining, approach to engagement, or the overall level of hospitality in every Brightwater encounter, living in one of our communities sets a resident up to live their best life.

Partnering with Brightwater ushers in a proactive, honest, and trustworthy relationship. Whether the partnership is through investing, joint venturing, or third-party management, each pathway is just as important to us. We understand that there are complexities and challenges with partnerships, but that is why we love it. It requires intelligence, grit, and skillful stewardship of the physical asset to do what we do, and it is what makes us experts in providing the best returns we can while not sacrificing quality or the marketplace reputation. This isn’t easy but we know that every detail matters and every detail require attention, or we will begin to look like everyone else.

We have a simple formula for making all of this happen. We hire, training and maintain the best talent by bringing in a mix in industry raised team members along with team members that have found success outside the industry. This has enabled us to achieve a solid and successful track record in providing residents, team members, and business partners with the highest standards of quality and service…and the results speak for themselves.

Brightwater is designed and built for your success. We look forward to proving that to you.

Quintin King

Business Objectives

  • Treat each individual with respect and dignity.
  • Create a safe, vibrant, and motivating work environment for our staff by providing accountability and reward for outstanding initiative relating to resident focused positive outcomes.
  • Provide innovative, reward-based staff training programs.
  • Nurture staff in the development of compassion and gracious service.
  • Create space where a sense of welcome, home, and belonging are apparent to our residents, staff, and residents’ family and friends.
  • Provide residents with quality nursing services in a stimulating and elegant environment.
  • Provide predictable and healthy financial returns to investors.
  • Provide meticulous management of our communities for everyone's  enjoyment.
  • Manage operational expenses to provide residents with the best possible value for their hard-earned dollar.

Ownership Team

The Brightwater story is not unlike a lot of company stories from the standpoint of people seeing an opportunity to make a difference in an industry and coming together under a shared vision.

Ownership Team
Green Stripe
Two Residents blowing bubbles at Brightwater Senior Living in Bend, Oregon
Residents having coffee and cake  at Brightwater Senior Living in Bend, Oregon
Green Strip

Leadership Team

Brightwater is built on the foundation that the team is the strength of the company and each individual brings with them a unique set of skills that helps set us apart in the marketplace as one of the most innovative senior living companies. Get to know our team even better and see what makes us different.

Meet The Team

Brandmark Story

The Brightwater name and logo have a significant meaning to the company and what we are about. Water represents a special place and the sense of tranquility it provides.  It represents the essence of what each community brings to our residents and their families.

We all enjoy moments after spending the day on the river or at the beach.  The serenity we get as the sun is setting with the light glistening over the calmness of the water.  This brightness ushers us into a place of peace and relaxation.  It is that point where the origination of the Brightwater name and symbol was born and the thought that if all communities could bring about this same feeling, they would be deserving of the name.

The name and logo represent not only those moments, but the goals of every team member to create that same feeling in the community environment. A place where people can just take a breath and enjoy life. To not only reflect on yesterday but look feel the reguvination for tomorrow.

Brightwater brand image

Living Well