COVID-19 Updates

Centers for Disease Control
COVID-19 UPDATE 3-25-2020
Our News Letter

March 15, 2020


Dear Residents and Families,


Over the past several weeks and to follow up on our previous communication, our team has closely monitored the

growing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak both locally and internationally. Our first priority is to ensure

the health and well-being of our community as a whole (residents, families and coworkers). We are continually

preparing contingencies to ensure the functioning of our community’s operations. Currently we do not have any

residents, families or staff that have reported being diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.


The growth of this virus has put everyone on a heighted alert. We will continue to monitor and communicate any

updates to this situation as the weeks progress. From our last communication we have implemented our infectious

control procedures and are working to enhance these procedures as updated information about the COVID-19 virus

from the CDC and Health Canada come in. We believe that proactively implementing some procedures early will help us

to mitigate the risk to our residents and staff being affected.


What does this mean? Here are some highlights to what has happened and what you will see adjusted in the



  • Access to the community has been restricted to the main entrance and to only essential personnel.
  • Request that all visitors/families of resident’s limit visits unless truly necessary.
  • All staff and visitors must check-in at the front desk for approval to access the remainder of the community.
  • Meal service will be expanded to allow for in-room dining free of charge.
  • All outside Activities/Events will be changed to inside the community programs.


While these are just a handful of steps, we are diligently working to make the experience for our seniors the best it can

be under the current circumstances. We ask that you continue to support us in the limited access we have put in place.

If at any point, you want to make a connection with a family member or friend do not hesitate to reach out to us and we

will work to make things happen.


Thank you very much for your support during this time. We are here to help make the situation easier and less stressful

where we can. Please reach out if you have any questions and look for further updates as the information is available.



Quintin King