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Why Senior Living Offers Better Dining Options


There are an array of benefits to dining in a senior living community, including the availability of special dietary options, changing menus that keep things interesting, and greater socialization opportunities. In this post, Brightwater Senior Living discusses the importance of diet and the role a community can play when it comes to a higher-quality lifestyle for you or your loved one.

Delicious & Nutritious Meals

With an emphasis on healthy, high-quality ingredients, meals in a senior living community often include a full blend of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean meats. Most senior living communities employ a professional chef and highly trained culinary teams who are experienced in creating delicious, balanced meals complete with the micro- and macronutrients important for senior health. Senior living communities are also usually happy to adjust their recipes to the dietary needs of individual residents, and some communities even employ a dietician to help make sure every menu change meets certain standards for nutrition. These factors all make senior living communities an excellent place for you or your loved one to enjoy a meal.

Social Opportunities

Socialization has been scientifically proven to offer a wide variety of benefits to the health and happiness of older adults. Eating meals with others can be a great way to build social connections, leading to greater contentment and a sense of belonging. If you or your loved one is new to a senior living community, joining neighbors for meals in the dining room can also be a good way to get more comfortable and settle in more quickly.

Dining on Your Time

Because not everyone is always hungry at the exact same time, many senior living communities also offer residents flexibility in when they can eat. This may mean a few hours for each meal every day, a choice of several entrees available at all hours, or other venues such as a cafe or bistro that serve a smaller menu between meals in the main dining room. Having the freedom to grab a snack anytime you or your loved one feels hungry adds to the vacation-like enjoyment modern senior living communities try to impart, making it easier for residents to follow their bliss wherever it may take them.

More Choice

It’s easiest to get enough vitamins and nutrients when there is variety in the foods we’re eating. Variety gets us excited about our next meal and encourages us to eat regularly. Senor living communities offer multiple entree options, seasonally changing menus, and scratch-made meals from fresh ingredient. Many communities also encourage residents to make meal suggestions and can cook up the occasional favorite family recipe from an old recipe rolodex. To try a meal at a modern senior living community for yourself, contact the Brightwater Senior Living community nearest you to enjoy a complimentary meal on us.

When you do visit one of our friendly senior living communities, please note that we’re currently asking that all visitors check in at the front desk for the safety of our residents and staff members.

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