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What You Need to Know About Senior Living Pricing


As you make long-term care plans, it’s important to take into consideration the pros and cons of all care options. Many people prefer the thought of staying at home as they age over the prospect of moving to a senior living community. One reason is often because of assumed cost – your home may be paid off, suggesting that your monthly costs would be lower at home than if you were paying a monthly fee to a senior living community. However, there are costs that come with aging in place that you may not be aware of. Here are a few examples that show how living in a senior living community may actually be more affordable.

Hidden Costs

One of the big benefits of a senior living community is the predictability of pricing. Before signing your contract and moving in, you will know how much the yearly costs will be, and you can ask for itemized pricing at any time. With homeownership, however, there are a variety of hidden costs beyond the taxes, monthly bills, and other fees you’re already paying. For instance, unforeseen maintenance costs – such as roof, electrical, or plumbing repairs – can cost thousands and strike at anytime. Expenses like these in a senior living community will all be included in your monthly fees.

Additionally, in a senior living community, meals, transportation, housekeeping, maintenance costs, and health care are usually included in your monthly fee. When you live at home, hiring home health and personal care staff will likely be necessary at some point, and the cost can significantly boost your existing monthly costs.

Safety First

Also consider the cost of the safety upgrades your home might need as you age. These include tub and toilet grab bars, ramps and wheelchair lifts, step-in bathtubs, and even cameras for monitoring your health and safety. Depending on your situation and future mobility, these upgrades also might include widening hallways and remodeling bathrooms. Senior living communities are already designed to be easily navigable by all people, regardless of mobility, with no additional modifications needed.

Social Value

Aside from the financial benefits of a senior living community, there may also be social benefits you won’t experience if you remain in your own home. For instance, most communities offer a variety of scheduled activities each day, including outings, exercise classes, and concerts. Being part of a community of peers and taking part in regular activities can help seniors avoid social isolation, which can lead to depression, cognitive decline, and other health problems.

Choosing the right place for your long-term care isn’t an easy decision. To learn more about life at a Brightwater Senior Living community, visit our website.