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A smiling older woman creating a fall wreath.

Ways to Help Your Loved One Decorate for the Fall Season


Help your loved one embrace fall and Thanksgiving with some pretty, seasonal decorations that will make their space feel warm, cozy, and festive. Whether they decorate on their own or with your assistance, a few well-placed embellishments can transform their home and lift their mood.

Start With a Wreath (or Two)

A colorful fall or harvest wreath is the perfect starting point for your loved one’s holiday decor. Whether you buy it or make it, a seasonal wreath hanging on the door sets the mood right away. But don’t stop there. Bring some wreaths indoors, too. Hang one above the fireplace (if you have one), buy some suction-cup hooks and hang wreaths in the windows, or replace other artwork on your walls with a wreath or two to make a lovely focal point.

Get Crafty

If you want to get crafty with the wreaths (or any decor), make sure you pick a project that’s appropriate for the mobility and dexterity of your loved one. It could be as simple as winding a faux-leaf garland around a store-bought wreath form and tying it off in the back where the two ends of the garland meet. Or you can go with something striking and elegant, but still relatively quick and easy to make, like this wispy autumn wreath with flowers and a pumpkin.

Hunt & Gather

Make decorating a bonding experience and embrace the whole process by creating decor that uses natural elements you and your loved one gather together. Take a walk around your garden or a nearby park, and collect some pine cones, fallen leaves, twigs, and small branches or some evergreen foliage that you can then use to decorate. Of course, you can always buy these things at a craft store or florist if you aren’t able to collect them.

Natural Decor

Use the pinecones and foliage you’ve gathered (or bought) to create pretty vase filler or a centerpiece for the table. Use them au naturale, or give them a quick dusting of gold paint or glitter (or both) for a touch of glamour. Pine cone decorations are suitable throughout the holiday season, so you can keep them around all winter long! And best of all, your loved one will be warmed by the memories of the time spent together each time they look at the resulting decorations.

Safety First

If your loved one has limited mobility, try to avoid any decorations that require climbing or a lot of bending and lifting. Instead, focus on placing and arranging a few key items that will have a big visual impact but be easy to put up and, just as importantly, easy to remove. In this case, less is more! Don’t place loose or trailing items on the floor where they could become a tripping hazard. And make sure you or a caregiver are on hand to assist your loved one, as needed, if they’re DIYing any of the decor.

For more ideas about fun, seasonal activities you can enjoy with your older loved ones, visit the Brightwater Senior Living blog.

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