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Tips for Remembering Medication


Remembering to take the right medication at the right time can be overwhelming. If you or a loved one struggles to manage a long list of medications and an even longer set of instructions, you will need sound strategies and solid organization. Brightwater Senior Living knows how important proper medication management can be to your overall health and has compiled our top tips to make sure you remember every dose.

Keep Medications Visible

Keeping medications in a location you will see every day is a great strategy to ensure they don't slip your mind. Depending on the number of medicines and the complexity of your dosing routine, one or more pill organizers will be helpful and decrease the likelihood of taking the wrong pill at the wrong time. Place your organizers in locations you will be in when you need to take your medications. If you have a morning dose, keep your organizer by the coffee pot or even next to your bedside. If you have other doses throughout the day, make sure to place your organizers in locations that align with your daily routine.

Create Reminders

Depending on your preferences, there are many ways to create reminders to alert you when it is time for medications. You can set up reminders on your phone or even download specific medication apps that will offer a great deal of organization and management to ensure you don't miss any doses. If you prefer to avoid tech solutions, work with friends and family to organize reminder calls or visits.

Keep a Detailed Schedule

A final strategy is to create a schedule you can post somewhere visible that shows what medications you need to take, when you need to take them, and allows you to keep track as you complete doses. Keeping this schedule posted and updated in a convenient location will serve as a continual reminder and help build a routine so you are less likely to miss medications.

At Brightwater Senior Living, we understand the importance of taking charge of your health. We hope these tips for remembering medications will become part of your toolkit for success. For more tips and information on living well, visit our blog.

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