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The Health Benefits of Socialization for Seniors


When it comes to seniors, health is so much more than nutrition and fitness. According to the National Institute on Aging, socialization can play a key role in healthy living. Seniors who feel socially isolated or lonely are more likely to experience a range of negative effects, including morbidity, depression, obesity, and malnutrition. That’s why at Brightwater Senior Living, we create everyday opportunities to forge new connections, explore new interests, and share new experiences. Some of the health benefits associated with social interaction for seniors include:

Lower Stress

Because the aging process can be confusing and overwhelming, it makes sense why it sometimes leads to social isolation. But studies show that reaching out and making connections during those moments can actually reduce stress levels. At Brightwater Senior Living communities, you can take part in the activities you love. Whether you are enjoying great conversation over one of our great, chef-prepared meals or playing your favorite card game with friends, you can expect a boost in your mood and overall outlook.

Better Quality of Life

Socializing has been shown to have a strong emotional impact for seniors. Each month, we create a fresh activities and events calendar so you can choose exactly how to spend your day. Continue your education with computer and internet classes, tap into your inner creativity during art and music studies, and savor incredible dishes in the beautifully appointed dining room. From bonding over family recipes to encouraging better nutrition, sharing meals can be a wonderful way to connect with others.

Genuine Connections

At Brightwater Senior Living, you can find other seniors who share your interests. Bonding over hobbies is one of the best ways to forge real connections with others. Take advantage of our scheduled events and explore the latest exhibits and shows at local museums and theaters. We also love to schedule trips to shopping destinations, seasonal festivals, and other local events. If you are a book lover, check out our regular book clubs and participate in the reading discussions. We also host a gardening club for those who love to cultivate their own herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

Improved Health

While it’s true that socialization can lead to better mental health, you may find socializing improves your physical health as well. Explore our fitness programs, find an activity that matches your fitness level, and discover new ways to get active with friends. Whether you meet up for morning exercises in the fitness center, participate in regular yoga practices, or go for walks around the community, you can find ways to incorporate active living with an active social life.

Let us help you experience the benefits of socialization at Brightwater Senior Living communities. Get in touch with us today to schedule your tour. And be sure to check out our blog for more senior living tips.