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The Benefits of Short-Term Rehab


Short-term rehab, also known as post-acute rehab or post-acute care, refers to rehabilitation services provided following a hospitalization due to surgery, illness, or injury. This short-term care can take place in a variety of settings such as a senior living community, a specialized rehabilitation center, or the patient’s home, and can also involve multiple different types of assistance and care. The services offered by short-term rehab may include physical therapy, daily checkups, and assistance with daily tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing. This type of transitional care can be extremely beneficial to seniors and caretakers alike. Brightwater Senior Living has compiled a list of these benefits.

A Respite For Caretakers

Even if you are well-equipped to care for your senior loved one daily, caring for your loved one while they’re recovering from an illness or injury can be stressful for both parties. Unanticipated complications can take both of you by surprise, and even if they turn out to be nothing serious, it’s better to have an experienced medical professional on hand to deal with the situation.

A Comforting Environment

Whether your loved one is recovering in a senior living community, a rehabilitation center, or their own home accompanied by a skilled professional, it’s likely they’ll be more comfortable and at ease than if they were in the hospital during recovery. Additionally, studies have shown that recovering at home can be less expensive than hospital care.

Lowered Chances of Readmission/h2>

Short-term rehab professionals are trained to keep an eye on patients during their recovery and quickly catch any signs of danger. Even if it seems like all is well following a surgery, unexpected complications can pop up. With a team of medical professionals on hand, these hiccups can often be treated or managed immediately to avoid hospital readmission. In one trial, patients recovering in their homes had a 70% lower chance of returning to the hospital as opposed to those who spent their entire recovery in the hospital.

A Personalized Experience

Not everyone benefits from the same style of care, but hospital nurses and staff have too much going on to tailor care to each individual. While some may recover well in a hospital setting, others may have preferences that hospitals can’t provide. Recovering at home or in a special rehab facility means getting individualized care which can make the recovery process more comfortable and quicker. Short-term rehab offers a wide variety of different care options designed to match an individual’s personal needs.

We hope this article was able to give you an idea of what short-term rehab is and how it can help. For more information about senior health and wellness, visit the Brightwater blog.

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