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An older woman receiving a holiday present from her adult daughter.

Tech Gifts That Seniors Will Find Useful


Not all the latest high-tech gadgets are ideal for seniors, but here are five tech gifts that older adults will appreciate.

Robotic Vacuum

The future is now, and robots can perform household tasks like vacuuming efficiently and effectively. So if you or a loved one have limited mobility, a robotic vacuum is a great option to help with daily chores. With prices ranging from as little as $100 on up to $700 or more, you can find one with the price tag and features that work for you. A solid basic model is the Eufy RoboVac, or you can go for the higher-end (and higher-priced) iRobot Roomba i3+, which is self-emptying and finds its own way back to the base station to recharge when its battery runs low.

Portable TV Speaker

As their hearing often worsens over time, many older people find themselves moving their favorite chair closer and closer to the TV, or continually turning up the volume – much to the dismay of others with better hearing in the room. A simple, but effective, solution is a wireless TV speaker like this one. The portable speaker can be placed close to the viewer with hearing loss, providing them with sound amplification, while the main TV volume stays at a normal level. There are no trailing cords to make a mess or cause a tripping hazard, and headphones can also be plugged into the speaker if someone wants to listen to the TV from a distance, without disturbing anyone else.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon’s Echo Show, with integrated Alexa artificial intelligence, can greatly simplify the process of making video calls for your loved one. Video (or audio-only) calls can be initiated with a simple voice command such as, “Alexa, call Susan.” With its 8-inch screen and good sound quality, seniors can see and hear their friends and loved ones easily, even from some distance away. Echo Show can also be used to create shopping lists, set daily reminders, check the weather, play music, and much more. You or a caregiver may need to help with the initial setup, but once that’s done, the Echo Show is very straightforward to use and a great way for older people to stay connected.

Two Gifts for Older Pet Owners

Pets bring so much joy and companionship to their owners, but sometimes the demands of pet ownership can be a deterrent for seniors. Nobody loves cleaning their cat’s litter box, but for older cat lovers, this task can be physically challenging due to the weight of the litter and the bending and lifting required. The PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box only needs to be emptied and refilled once every few weeks, instead of daily. That’s a win for cats and their owners! Another helpful tech tool for pet owners is the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed automatic feeder for cats and dogs, which allows owners to schedule multiple meals of varying portions each day for their pets, to avoid over or underfeeding them.

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