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Great Gift Ideas for Seniors


With the holidays fast approaching, our sense of generosity increases as the universal season of giving begins. And while the majority of holiday advertising seems geared towards gifts for the younger portion of the population, we should remember that our seniors deserve more than a few gifts of their own. With that in mind, here are four gift ideas to brighten an elederly loved one’s day this holiday season.

Digital Photo Frame With Large Print Clock

This digital picture frame can be programmed to rotate through family photos and even show short videos. You can install the photos via a USB card or flash drive. And if that wasn’t enough, it doubles as a large font digital clock displaying the day, time, and date.

Personalized Print With Special Dates

The celebration of life’s milestones is always a big deal no matter how old you are. And if you’re looking for a gift for the parents who have everything, a personalized canvas print that displays important dates and the meanings behind them might be just the thing. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, all placed on professionally produced artist canvas. Once the canvas is ready it’s stretched on wood frame bars, then gallery wrapped and ready to hang. These beautifully crafted canvas prints are designed to be both a gorgeous piece of wall art as well as a wonderful reminder of the most important moments in your senior’s life.

A Kindle For eBooks & Audiobooks

If the senior in your life is a fan of books you can’t go wrong with an Amazon Kindle. The latest models allow the user to adjust everything from screen brightness to font size. You can also purchase eBook/audiobook combinations so if your senior doesn’t feel like reading for a few chapters they can listen along for a while. And don’t worry if the book doesn’t have an audio version. The Kindle comes with a text-to-talk option that allows the Kindle to read the book back to you. The Kindle voice is a bit monotone so definitely purchase the audio bundles for your seniors if you can – a true audiobook read by a seasoned narrator makes for a more enriching experience.

Chair Exercise Program With Two Resistance Bands

As we get older, physical fitness remains just as, if not more, important. This exercise guide and resistance bands package is the perfect gift for the aging parent who may not get around as well as they used to but still wishes to remain active. These low-impact exercises allow your senior to move at their own pace and build strength gradually. Best part, they can do it lying down. But just remember, if you get them this, be sure to get them something else a bit more lighthearted and fun. No one at any age wants the only gift they receive to be exercise equipment.

For more great gift ideas for the seniors in your life, be sure to visit the Brightwater Senior Living blog.