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Brighten Your Loved One's Senior Living Apartment with the Perfect Care Package


While there are a variety of benefits to living in a senior living community, such as healthier meal options, more opportunities for socializing, and stimulating activities seniors can take part in, being away from the home you have always known during this magical time of the year can be difficult. In addition, with social distancing and many senior living communities restricting access, seniors can feel more isolated than usual from friends and family.

Fortunately, there’s an easy thing you can do to bring a little sunshine into your loved one’s life. A lovingly constructed care package can be just the thing to brighten a senior’s holiday and help them feel loved for the whole month. Read on for a few suggestions to help show your loved one that you’re right there with them, in spirit if not in person.


While care packages are traditionally packed with food – and we’ll certainly include some in ours – the most important items for a senior are probably of a more sentimental nature. Do you have recent photos of your family, school pictures, or pictures of your recent summer adventures? Put together a mini photo album or select a few choice pictures to include in a multi-photo frame. If you have a larger budget, you might also consider purchasing a digital photo frame for your loved one. Load it up with all your favorite photos. You may want to recreate the instructions for turning on and operating it, or contact your loved one’s community and ask if a staff member can help set it up.

Warm Items

Due to changes in circulation and other factors, seniors often feel cold. It’s also nice to snuggle up in something warm, no matter your age. Surround your loved in warmth with a fuzzy handmade wool blanket, some fuzzy slippers, or a wool cap. Feeling your warming gift each day will be like a soothing hug from afar.

Special Eats

There’s nothing like a homemade cookie to heal life’s ills. Working within any dietary restrictions your loved one might have, make one or two of their favorite treats or comfort foods and include them in their care package. Think of favorite snacks that are safe without refrigeration, at least for a few days. Ideas might include Chex Mix, cookies, biscuits, or muffins.

Self Care

In addition to items designed to show your loved one how much you care, it’s nice to give some items that help your loved one care for themselves'. Things like bath salts, lotions, and soaps can help them relax. Your loved might also appreciate the new fragrance each brings, adding a sense of discovery that expands their personal space.

The holidays are a magical time of the year, but for some of us they can also be a reminder of days gone by. A lovingly made care package may be just the thing to help your loved one think of all the good time that are yet to come.

For more tips on helping your loved one get the most out the holidays, visit the Brightwater Senior Living blog.

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