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Senior woman and younger woman examining wool gloves at an outdoor bizarre.

5 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping for Seniors


With the holidays right around the corner, we are fast approaching the biggest shopping season of the year. Whether you’ll be grocery shopping for all the meals you will be serving family or friends, shopping for holiday gifts, or picking out a few new outfits to look your best, certain aspects of the shopping experience can be more difficult for the senior in your life than they are for younger generations. These five tips will help keep you or your loved one safe during this year’s holiday shopping season.

Take It Easy

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Great sales are often just around the corner, but you may feel you need to get there fast to get the best deals or the most desirable gifts. But many seniors have trouble moving that fast and they can get hurt more easily and take longer to recover from even a mild injury. Make sure to take your senior’s mobility into account as you chase those sales, and offer to take plenty of rest breaks. You should also make sure your loved one has plenty of opportunities to drink water – seniors can quickly become dehydrated without even knowing it.

Make a Plan

Another key to not getting overwhelmed by all the people and ground to cover is to make a detailed plan ahead of time. Figure out exactly what you are looking for and what shops you will need to visit. If you will be doing your shopping at a mall, search their website for a map of store locations and print this out. Then you will have a detailed guide to help with parking and directions. You can even strategize when and where you will take your breaks. Plan on being flexible, though, so your loved one doesn’t have to feel rushed.

Go Early

Loud voices and movement can be disorienting and overwhelming to a senior, so the earlier in the day you can head to the store, the better. If you work, consider taking a day off. Early on a weekday will be far less crowded and noisy than a weekday evening or anytime on the weekend.

Consider Gift Cards

It’s understandable to want to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but sometimes it just isn’t practical. Especially if some of the people on your list are young. Childrens’ interests can change so quickly, what they loved last year may be old hat this year. You can select from a variety of stores’ cards to find a gift card that’s still uniquely suited to the recipient, but it also lets them pick out exactly what they want.

Consider Shopping Online

Not only is online shopping easier on aging bodies, there are also plenty of doorbusters that can be found at online stores. Plus, a lot of online magazines provide lists of the best online deals of each shopping season, so it’s easy to plan where to go and when.

For more tips on successful holiday preparations for seniors, visit the Brightwater Senior Living Blog.

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