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Senior man working out with dumbbell in a contemporary gym

4 Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors


Staying active is essential to senior health, just as it is at any age. Brightwater shares exercises that help seniors stay active without putting undue stress on their joints. Keep reading for low-impact workouts and training exercises fit for people with varying levels of mobility.

1. Dance

In addition to increasing flexibility and balance, dancing is a great way for seniors to have a great time while working on their fitness. Dancing helps increase blood flow and is a healthy way to improve cardiovascular circulation while minimizing impact on their skeletal structure. Put on some music and they can get to grooving, or try a guided online dance routine. Zumba is a perfect option for seniors to have fun and dance along with friends via instructor-led classes.

2. Stretching

Stretching is the perfect exercise for seniors with very limited mobility or for those who feel like their muscles need some extra relief. Reaching and lengthening exercises help increase range of motion and decrease soreness or pain. Simple movements help to expand and retract the body’s muscles and can have a massive impact on the way seniors feel. Stretching routines are best to do when the body is already warmed up after a light walk or workout session. A few simple stretches in the morning after a restful night’s sleep is another great way to relax stiff muscles. Yoga can also be a great low-impact exercise routine to include in a stretching regimen.

3. Cardio

Walking is one of the best ways to get the body moving and boost cardiovascular health. This natural movement is comfortable to do (for most) and delicate on the senior body. Whether walking is done via a treadmill or outdoors, this is the easiest way to incorporate daily exercise. Stationary cycling is another cardio exercise to get the blood pumping. Have your loved one add in a light stationary cycle session each week and increase the amount of time based on your senior’s comfort level.

4. Resistance Training

Stretchy resistance bands and light dumbbell weights are the perfect addition to a low-impact exercise routine. Both bands and weights improve muscle strength and functionality. A weekly weight lifting or resistance band workout can make a drastic difference in the way an aging body feels. Improving overall body movement and strengthening muscles can help reduce aches and pains and increase overall stability. Senior’s can get started with this low-impact resistance training workout to switch up their exercise routine.

As with any change to your senior’s lifestyle and workout regimen, seek doctor approval before starting a new exercise routine. For more tips to keep your loved one healthy and active visit the Brightwater Senior Living blog today.