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Two senior men sitting in armchairs and knitting.

4 Great Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing


Your senior loved one may need a gentle nudge now and again to remind them of their creativity. And with spring upon us, now is a good time to jog their memory with a few ways they can engage the right side of their brain. There are so many options for seniors to be creative, whether they live in a senior community or are aging in place at home. Here are a few that Brightwater Senior Living suggests.

Easy Knitting

Depending on your dexterity, there are a host of knitting crafts you or your loved one can try. One of the simplest that produces gorgeous hats is Loops & Threads loom set. This beginner set comes with four round looms, a metal hook, plastic needle, carrying tote, and easy instructions. All you need to do is pick out the colors of yarn you prefer! If you want to change it up, try a scarf too!

Scrapbook or Collage

After years of taking pictures of your family and loved ones, you likely have quite a collection gathering dust bunnies in a shoebox under your bed. A fun creative afternoon could include choosing your favorite photos and featuring them on a decorative tray. All you’ll need is scissors, your photos, and some Mod Podge to glue them down and apply a finish coat on top. If you would rather not cut the actual pictures, print them on photo paper first and use the copies for your tray.

Digging in the Dirt

For those interested in plants and gardening, take a day or two and put together a container garden for your deck or patio or a plant stand for your room. The options for containers are endless, but the rest of the list is short: dirt, plants you love, fertilizer, and a small trowel. The end result will be beautiful flora and fauna that you can nurture daily.

Paint by Numbers/Coloring

Both paint by numbers and adult coloring books give seniors a way to express their creativity in a simple, yet worthwhile way. Coloring has experienced a resurgence in popularity, and the process involved provides a calming, soothing sense that can be good for your mental health. These are activities that can be done alone or with a friend or family member. Best of all, either activity leaves you with a beautiful end product that can be displayed in your home or gifted.

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