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A small pumpkin has been hollowed out from the top to make a natural vase and filled with flowers, berries, and greenery.

4 Fall Craft Ideas for Seniors


With the arrival of fall, these festive craft ideas will help seniors embrace the changing seasons while decorating their home. Many of these fall-themed craft activities are perfect to complete with younger friends and relatives for a fun, intergenerational bonding experience, and are also suitable for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Painted Pine Cone Wreath

Hang this sparkly pine cone wreath designed by Country Living magazine on your door, a wall, or above a mantle. You can even use it as part of a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table, laid flat and filled with pumpkins and pillar candles. So pretty! It requires 30 to 40 small to midsize pine cones that you can collect yourself (or have the grandkids do it), or buy at a craft store.

To make: Paint the tips of each pine cone in a different fall shade (orange, yellow, beige) with acrylic paint. Brush the cones all over with clear craft glue or mod podge, and sprinkle generously with gold and copper glitter. Then use floral wire or a hot glue gun to attach the pine cones to a burlap-wrapped wreath form.

Pumpkin Vase

Get two for the price of one with this pretty pumpkin vase that combines pumpkin carving and flower arranging.

To make: Carve a deep hole in the top of a small to medium-sized pumpkin. You can leave the exterior of the pumpkin natural for a rustic vibe, or paint it with copper or gold paint for a more elegant effect. Slide a plastic cup or container into the carved hole, fill with water (and some florist foam to help hold the flowers in position), and then arrange your favorite blossoms and foliage in your cute pumpkin vase.

Mini Spider Pumpkin

These spooky spider decorations from Good Housekeeping are perfect for a Halloween display. Make one – or make a dozen if you really want to creep out the arachnophobes in your life.

To make: Remove the stem of a mini-pumpkin and paint the whole gourd black. Once it’s dry, cut craft or floral wire into eight equal-length pieces (around 6 inches each) and poke four wires into a row on each side of the pumpkin. Bend each wire twice – once downward around 3 inches out from the pumpkin, then again outward 1 inch from the end to form the legs. Use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach eight small googly eyes in a cluster at the top of the pumpkin in the center.

Fall or Halloween Clothespin Wreath

This project just requires a wire wreath form and clothespins, is easy enough for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and looks fantastic when done. Use a smaller 8-inch wreath form so the project goes faster if your crafter has a limited attention span. You can use natural wood clothespins, or buy, dye, or paint clothespins in the colors you want. You’ll need around 40 pins for an 8-inch wreath, and up to 80 for a 12-inch wreath.

To make: If you’re using multiple colors, decide on the pattern you like (random, alternating, blocks of color, etc.). Stick to that pattern as you clip a ring of clothespins to the innermost loop of the wreath form, laying them outward so the wreath form is covered. Once the form is fully covered, you can glue some faux flowers, leaves, pinecones, ribbon or other decor that matches your theme into a grouping on top of the pegs to complete the look.

Have fun making some, or all, of these fall crafts. For more tips to keep your loved one healthy and active, visit the Brightwater Senior Living Blog today.

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