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Two men and two women doing exercises at Brightwater Senior Living

4 Best Ways to Keep The Brain Active


As you age, it’s important to keep your brain engaged by exercising it in different ways. Dr. Aron Buchman, professor of neurology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, suggests that the brain needs to be more active through physical, mental, and social activities. Brightwater Senior Living has some ideas on how you can keep that large organ in your head in shape as you or your loved one age.

Take Up a New Hobby

The more you stretch yourself, the more your brain is working. You are finally in a place where the focus is on you, so why not do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for so long? It may be pottery or painting, cooking or gardening. It’s that activity you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time to try. Now that you have the support of a senior living community and others to try it with you, jump in. Check out the Amenities & Services page for the Brightwater Senior Living community nearest you for our activity offerings to find the hobby of your choice!

Use Your Fine Motor Skills

Our fine motor skills and reaction time tend to wane as we age. Ironically, activities you may recognize from your past, like Jenga, jacks, and puzzles, can help improve these skills. Also, tossing a ball back and forth with a friend can help stimulate your brain. If sports are your favorite thing, try adding a paddle to make it a bit more challenging. If you enjoy time by yourself, make use of a wall to throw and catch a ball.


Brightwater Senior Living offers a variety of social options for residents. You can join a book club, head out on the town with some of your neighbors, play cards, or get active with the fitness programs. Volunteer in your area and work with others to improve something in your town. You will be both giving of your time and learning about new people as you do so. The Ambassadors volunteer program through Brightwater allows you to do just that – give back while you learn about the people around you. All of these options will find you engaging in conversation and fun with peers.

Exercise Your Body

At any age, exercising helps not only your body but your mind. For seniors, two areas of exercise are most important – cardio and strength training. For instance, walking on a regular basis can have amazing effects on your body. And if you walk in a group you’ll get the benefits of both a physical and a social experience. Another popular exercise for seniors is chair yoga. Take a look at some of the moves and benefits of chair yoga on our Brightwater Senior Living blog.

See our Brightwater Senior Living website to find the community closest to you. Visit our blog for more tips on senior living.

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