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3 Tips to Help a Loved One with Memory Loss Adjust to a New Community


Moving into a new living environment involves major change for your loved one. They’re surrounded by a whole lot of unfamiliarity that can sometimes feel overwhelming or stressful. It is important to understand the new adjustments involved in helping them feel comfortable with their new home. In order to ensure a more gentle change, here are a few helpful tips for creating a successful transition:

1. Before Move-In, Attend Events at the New Community with Your Loved One 

It is important to make sure that moving day isn’t the first time your loved one sees their new home. For a smooth transition, call the staff and ask about future events happening in the community. Plan to come for a few short visits to familiarize your loved one with the environment, meet some of the other residents, and get used to what everyday life will be like once they get there. When the day of their new living arrangement arrives, the resident will feel much more confident coming to a place they’ve visited before.

2. Make Sure Someone Familiar is with Them During the Entire Transition

Moving day can be a lot for your loved one. There is a new environment, new people, and a whole new set of norms to get used to. It is important that someone close and familiar to the new resident is with them during this transition to help encourage and support them. Once they have settled in, stay with your loved one during the entirety of his or her’s move. Help set up the new living space, vet any questions and comments from staff, and assist in bringing familiar things to the home such as pictures of grandkids, knick-knacks from their previous house, and other sentimental items.

3. Align Moving Time with Your Loved One's Best Time of Day

According to Mayo Clinic, to reduce as much stress as possible, plan to move during the new resident’s best time of day. Ideally, this time would be once they are well-fed and have had adequate rest, whether that be during the morning or afternoon. Try to stick to your loved one’s regular daily schedule as much as possible beforehand and once they have arrived, talk with staff to help create a similar end-of-day routine. 

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