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3 Gadgets to Assist Seniors Aging in Place


Technology can be an invaluable tool in helping manage day-to-day tasks for active seniors who choose to age in place in their own residence. But, with so many products on the market, finding the tech best suited to you can be overwhelming. No need to worry. Brightwater Senior Living is here to help.

Whether it’s an assist with medication management, a tool to monitor wellness and encourage social connection, or technology that summons help should an accident happen, rest assured: There's an app for that. Here are three of our favorite senior care gadgets:


Take this pill in the morning on a full stomach. Take this one before dinner. Take these pills right after each other. How do you keep it all straight? Enter MedMinder. These pill dispensers keep users on a regimen with visual and auditory alerts when the time comes to take a pill. And if after a series of reminders, a pill goes untaken, caregivers are notified. For an extra level of safety, you can even opt for a dispenser with pill compartments that lock between doses.

GrandCare Systems

GrandCare Systems’ touchscreen tool is a comprehensive device that monitors health and wellness, promotes social connection, and provides entertainment for seniors. Optional activity sensors help seniors and their caregivers keep tabs on health and manage medication. Family members and caregivers can stay in touch remotely via a website or an app. The GrandCare System device keeps seniors connected to family and friends via video chat, letters, shared calendars, and digital photo albums.

Philips Lifeline HomeSafe with AutoAlert

While there’s nothing revolutionary about fall alert systems, Philips Lifeline HomeSafe with AutoAlert is a step up from the classic push-button systems and delivers invaluable peace of mind. If a senior takes a tumble, Philips AutoAlert technology detects the fall and transmits a distress signal to a Philips 24/7 response center. From there, the proper care is dispatched.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Technology is great, but there’s no substitute for the support and social connection a senior living community provides. Brightwater Senior Living communities offer a full spectrum of living options – everything from Independent Living to Memory Care – along with restaurant-quality meals, maintenance-free living, and unrivaled amenities. Contact us to set up a tour of a community near you.

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